About Our Program

The Total Joint Replacement Program at Texas Health Center for Diagnostics & Surgery

Many patients choose joint replacement surgery to reduce pain, restore function in diseased joints and improve the quality of their life.  At Texas Health Center for Diagnostics & Surgery, our joint replacement program is led by board-certified physicians and dedicated clinical staff who will walk you through every step in the process. Whether you need a knee or hip replacement, our team can assist you with: 

  • Scheduling consultations with a joint replacement specialist
  • Pre-surgical education for you and your family members
  • Post-surgical education
  • Home care recommendations and other support 

Advanced medical technology. A renowned team of experts. A peaceful environment designed for healing. Texas Health Center for Diagnostics & Surgery has brought it all together for one goal: to alleviate your joint pain in the most comfortable, convenient and low-impact way possible.

Joint pain doesn’t stand a chance against our team of joint replacement specialists.

Ever wondered what happens in a joint replacement procedure, or what you can expect following surgery? What better way to learn about the surgery process than straight from our team of experts!

If you need joint replacement surgery, this is where you want to have it.

Award-winning medical care is just part of the reason why patients love Texas Health Center for Diagnostics & Surgery. Conveniently located in the quaint residential community of Plano, we offer ample free parking, an easy-to-navigate facility and a quiet, relaxing and comfortable environment for both patients and visitors.

Take the first step toward joint pain relief

If you'd like to learn more about joint replacement surgery for the knee, hip, ankle or shoulder, please enter your contact information here to receive our free E-book, titled “Everything you want to know about joint replacement surgery.” Inside you'll find the most current information about modern joint replacement surgical procedures, recovery and healing times, what life is like after joint replacement surgery, and much more. Download your copy today!