Patient Satisfaction

Quality Healthcare

Delivering high-quality healthcare is the cornerstone of Texas Health Center for Diagnostics & Surgery. How you feel about your experience with us reveals opportunities to make improvements and enhance the level of care we provide.

We measure satisfaction in all major areas of service, including the pre-operative and in-patient departments, pre-admission testing, registration services and radiology services. Patients who are seen at the hospital are randomly selected to receive a satisfaction survey through Press Ganey. Surveys are sent through the mail within a few weeks of the procedure or appointment and asked to rate our services, physicians, nursing, food services, housekeeping, admitting and billing services.  Press Ganey is a patient experience company in South Bend, Indiana. We partner with them, but it is an independent company. This means there is no chance for bias in the survey questions or reported results. 

Clinical staff and departments review the results of the satisfaction surveys in order to find ways to improve the level of service and help make the health care experience more rewarding.