Lumbar Total Disc Replacement

Get Moving Again with Lumbar Disc Replacement

An alternative to spinal fusion surgery, lumbar total disc replacement treats lower back pain caused by degenerative disc disease or discogenic pain. This procedure is done from the front of the spine and involves the removal of the affected disc material.  Once removed, an artificial disc, which allows motion, is implanted. 


You may be a candidate for lumbar artificial disc replacement surgery if:

1.  The source of back pain mostly comes from only one or two discs in the spine

2.  There is no significant joint disease or compression on the nerves

3.  You have not previously had spinal surgery

4.  There is no other spinal deformity


Other factors also will be considered in the doctor’s determination of whether a lumbar disc replacement surgery, a lumbar fusion surgery or another course of action is best. 

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