A discectomy is a surgical procedure in which an injured or herniated disc is removed from the spinal canal in order to relieve pain and weakness and to restore mobility. Spinal discs are cushions located between the spinal vertebras. When a disc ruptures or is pushed out of place, it can press on the spinal cord or spinal nerves causing pain, numbness and sometimes immobility.

Symptoms of a herniated disc may include:


  • Back pain
  • Pain that extends into the shoulders or arms or travels through the button and down a leg
  • Weakness of the extremities
  • Burning, tingling or numbness in an extremity
  • Severe deep muscle pain and/or muscle spasms


Patients undergoing minimally invasive surgery generally experience faster recovery periods and shorter hospitalization than with traditional open surgery. 

If you suffer from chronic pain and are diagnosed with an an uncomplicated herniated disc, you may be a candidate for a discectomy.

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