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Cervical Total Disc Replacement

Is Cervical Disc Replacement Right for You?

As we age, our cervical discs degenerate, but some people will experience more symptoms than others. If you suffer from chronic pain and your condition does not respond to non-invasive treatments, you may be a candidate for cervical total disc replacement. Let the surgeons at Texas Health Center for Diagnostics & Surgery help you find relief from pain and regain mobility.


Cervical total disc replacement, also known as total disc arthroplasty, is a surgical treatment of symptomatic cervical disc disease. The cervical discs are cushions located between the cervical vertebrae. If a disc becomes damaged or moves out of place, it can cause pressure on the spinal nerves or spinal cord, causing pain, numbness or weakness.

Symptoms of cervical disc degeneration may include:

Neck pain

Neck stiffness


Pain that extends into the shoulders or arms

Weakness of the shoulders, arms, hands or legs

Burning, tingling or numbness in the arms or hands

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