Getting Started


Once you have decided that weight loss surgery may be the right option for you, we ask that you schedule a consultation with our physicians. The consultation provides critical information to help you on your path toward a healthier life. Your consultation is the foundation of your weight loss journey as it will give you an idea of:

  • Whether you qualify for surgery
  • Which procedure may be right for you
  • Steps to get ready
  • The staff that will be helping you throughout the process
  • Resources for your added success
  • During your consultation you will meet with several members of the team including your surgeon and nurse. We assess your ability to safely have surgery as well as answer questions about the process after surgery and the dedication it will take to lead a new lifestyle in order to be successful long term.


To schedule a consultation, please call 1-800-532-3939 or send an email to

Payment Options

Insurance: For patients who have insurance, the first and most important requirement is to know if your insurance plan covers bariatric surgery. You will also want to find out what requirements your insurance company has in order to pre-approve you for the specific procedure in which you are interested. Insurance companies generally have strict qualification standards and knowing these standards beforehand can be very helpful in ensuring a smooth insurance process.

Cash Pay: The physicians associated with our program offer flat rates for bariatric surgical services in order to reduce your total-out-of pocket expense. Cash pay patients should speak to the patient coordinator for the specific rates. Additionally, we strive to offer assistance with payment plans should you wish to finance your surgery.