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Patient Privacy & Safety

Notice of Privacy Practices

At Texas Health Center for Diagnostics & Surgery, we understand the importance of protecting your health information. We follow strict privacy policies in accordance with state and federal laws. View our Notice of Privacy Practices


Your safety is an integral part of our services. As a patient, you play a vital role in making your care safe by becoming an active and informed member of your care team.

The following are suggestions on how to keep you safe while you are a patient:


When you are admitted, the nurse will ask you for a compete list of all medications you take at home. Nursing staff will reconcile your list against any new medications your physicians orders in an effort to avoid adverse drug reactions.

Quality Health Care

Texas Health Center for Diagnostics & Surgery is dedicated to delivering high quality health care. Various quality measures are undertaken in each department in order to improve the delivery of care. A few of the ongoing quality performance-monitoring projects include:

Hand Hygiene

Hand hygiene is the most important action that a health care worker can take to stop the spread of infections. Hospital staff is consistently monitored on hand hygiene. Health care providers are expected to wash their hands before and after patient contact or use an alcohol-based handrub.

Patient Satisfaction

We take the opinions of our patients very seriously. Patients who are seen at the hospital are randomly selected to receive a satisfaction survey through Press Ganey. Surveys are sent through the mail within a few weeks of the procedure or appointment and asked to rate our services, physicians, nursing, food services, housekeeping, admitting and billing services.  Press Ganey is a patient experience company in South Bend, Indiana. We partner with them, but it is an independent company. This means there is no chance for bias in the survey questions or reported results. 

Once all of the surveys are collected, patient satisfaction scores are tabulated for the hospital as well as each department. Patient input is then used to improve processes within the facility. As a whole, Texas Health Center for Diagnostics & Surgery consistently scores 90% or higher in overall patient care.


Patient Safety is an integral part of our operations and your comfort a priority. We believe it is important for health care consumers to have access to patient safety information so they can make objective choices about their care as well be informed about the steps taken to ensure patient safety.

Typically, patients who experience cardiac or respiratory arrest are in a state of decline or exhibit warning signs that may be subtle for up to eight hours prior to the arrest. At Texas Health Center for Diagnostics & Surgery, we have implemented the Rapid Response Team (RRT) to help these patients. If any clinician or visitor of a patient is concerned, they may seek the advice of the RRT. Visitors may ask any nurse to call the RRT to come to the bedside and assess the patient at any time.

Warning signs that may indicate that the RRT needs to be called include: