Successful Joint Replacement Surgery - What You Should Know
July 12, 2021

Successful Joint Replacement Surgery - What You Should Know

Texas Health Center for Diagnostics and Surgery

"Our process can start before a patient even sees the doctor. We offer a joint replacement assessment and complete guide to joint replacement surgery on our website. Often patients reach out to ask questions about joint replacement and request assistance with finding a joint replacement surgeon. If the surgeon determines the patient is a surgical candidate, we reach out to the patient to schedule their Pre-Assessment appointment and their personal educational class. We offer both in person and virtual classes for the patients convenience. We are in contact with the patient every step of the way. We visit with them the day of surgery, we visit them in their hospital room and once they are discharged, we continue to follow up with them on their progress and give encouragement throughout their recovery."

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If you are in the process of deciding if you are going to move forward with joint replacement surgery you probably know there are many factors which contribute to successful joint replacement surgery. You'll want to make sure the surgeon you pick is experienced with the specific type of joint replacement you need. You'll want to know the hospital where your surgery will be performed has excellent ratings.  You'll want to make sure you have a reliable support system in place once you return home.  What you might not have thought about is, if the hospital where you are having your surgery provides you with a Joint Replacement Coordinator.   

What Is a Joint Replacement Coordinator?

A Joint Replacement Coordinator works closely with patients undergoing joint replacement to make sure they have all the tools they need to have successful joint replacement surgery. This includes pre-surgical education for the patient and their family, post-surgical education, as well providing support and help throughout the entire process.  At Texas Health Center for Diagnostics and Surgery we believe strongly a well informed patient is a key factor in positive joint replacement surgery outcomes, which is why we have a dedicated Joint Replacement Coordinator within our Joint Replacement Program. 

Meet Mary Anne Browne, RN

Mary Anne Browne, RN is our Joint Replacement Coordinator.  She has worked in healthcare for 27 years, 16 of which have been with THCDS.  As the Joint Replacement Coordinator, Mary Anne's role is unique. She works closely with the joint replacement surgeons and patients to develop individualized plans focused on empowering the patient to be successful with their surgery needs.  The personal touch she shares with each patient helps to build their confidence while decreasing anxiety.  Many times, patients have shared with Mary Anne how grateful they are she was there to help guide them through their surgery process. And how other loved ones have not had this same organized approach for their surgery needs. 

When describing her role Mary Anne shares, "Before surgery, patients too often have been in severe pain for an extensive amount of time.  This can be debilitating and depressing for them.  Being able to help walk a patient through their surgery process and be a witness of the care they receive here by our team is very fulfilling and rewarding." 

Mary Anne is known to go the extra mile for patients, often doing whatever it takes to make sure the patients' needs are taken care of by working with all the teams in the hospital seamlessly. 

About the Joint Replacement Program at Texas Health Center for Diagnostics and Surgery

Established in 2016, the Joint Replacement Program works with the hospitals' joint replacement patients every step of the way. Our friendly team works with patients during their initial research, helps  schedule appointments with the surgeon, and once it is determined surgery is appropriate our joint coordinator provides both pre and post-surgical education to the patient and their designated caregiver.  Our joint replacement program is focused on individualized education and team collaboration which contributes to successful outcomes. 

If you or someone you love is considering joint replacement surgery our Joint Replacement Program is a great resource.  Reach out to us at 972-543-1250 or download our free joint replacement guide today.