Anterior Hip
Replacement Surgery

Total hip replacement surgery performed via the anterior approach offers significant, long-term pain relief benefits while producing less tissue damage, less scarring, less pain, and a shorter recovery time.

If you’re living with chronic hip pain, anterior hip replacement may be
the solution you’ve been waiting for.

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Wanda was living with excruciating hip pain, until this procedure changed her life.

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Anterior Hip
Replacement Surgery
Lateral Hip Replacement Surgery

Shorter hospital stay

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Less pain and limping

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Decreased chance of hip dislocations

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Less post-operative pain

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Faster recovery time

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Meet our Surgeons

The entire care team at Texas Health Center for Diagnostics & Surgery is here to make sure you are comfortable, safe and informed every step of the way. To request an appointment, click here.

Roger Emerson, M.D.

Joint Replacement Specialist

Kwame Ennin, M.D.

Joint Replacement Specialist

Brian Fuller, M.D.

Joint Replacement Specialist

Donald Hohman, M.D.

Joint Replacement Specialist

Adam Kouyoumjian, M.D.

Joint Replacement Specialist

Kevin Myers, M.D.

Joint Replacement Specialist

Christopher Odom, M.D.

Joint Replacement Specialist

Richard Reitman, M.D.

Joint Replacement Specialist

J. Conner Ryan, M.D.

Joint Replacement Specialist

If you have any questions about the procedure or our hospital, please reach out to our
dedicated patient navigator,
Leah Castillo.

Why Come Here?

A one-of-a-kind experience

Texas Health Center for Diagnostics & Surgery is a nationally-recognized hospital that has consistently produced superior patient satisfaction scores. Here are just a few reasons why:

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THE FIRST ever custom anterior hip replacement surgery IN TEXAS was performed at Texas Health Center for Diagnostics & Surgery

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EVERY JOINT REPLACEMENT PATIENT will have access to a personalized orientation class with our Program Coordinator.

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With WORLD CLASS DINING prepared by our culinary-trained chef, comfort food takes on a whole new meaning here.

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We love out-of-towners.

Traveling in for surgery? Our patient navigator can help make sure that getting here is completely painless.

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